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Alan Slesinger

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Running various projects it appears he is everywhere at the same time

Alan Slesinger was born in Framingham, Massachusetts, USA in 1966

Resident of NYC for many years

Attended Clark University and studied Sociology earning his batchelor degree in 1989.

Attended the Sweedish Institute and is a liscenced massage therapist. since 1995.

Studied Landscape design and horticulture at the NY Botanic Garden.

Has had varies jobs such as Product designer, Massage Therapist, Skater and urban landscape designer among others.

Alan moved to Brazil at the end of 2003. The idea was to do a winter project with the aim to learn Portuguese and to Surf.

In 2004 purchased Fazenda Sao Joao now the location of Vila Rosa

and Casarao Azul on the waterfront of Itacare the location of Cafe da Vila. (link)

As the projects grew they began to take more importance and in 2005 Alan moved to Itacare year round.

After 8 years of constructing, Alan is a self taught master contractor.

Building and restoring houses as a new vocation.

At present he is running and developing Vila Rosa and Cafe da Vila in Itacare.

Always with an eye on new challenges and experiences.

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